Weighed in the Balances: A History and Comparison of Bible Versions

    -Ever have someone say one version of the Bible is better than another?

     -Have you been told that it doesn’t make a difference which Bible you read?  


Now you can know!  


     Weighed in the Balances examines the most popular Bible versions of today and tracks them through the centuries back to their sources.  Examine for yourself in a side-by-side, verse-by-verse comparison of the key doctrines between the various versions.


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This study examines:

-The history of Islam

-Is it a religion of peace?

-What the Koran actually says about violence

-How Islam treats women

-The Islamic take over of Europe

-What the Koran teaches about Jesus

-How the Bible predicted the rise of radical Islam

And much more.

  These are short stores and skits writted by Dr. Watts under the pen name Christopher E. Graham.  Each story will either touch your heart, tickle your funny bone, increase your faith, or sometimes all three.


-The Journal of Noah:  This story is the log book Noah might have kept during his voyage. (Humorous/Dramatic/Christian)  



-A Walk in the Cemetery:  A man recalls the wit and wisdom of his grandfather and the time they spent together. (Humorous/Dramatic/Christian)



-Suzie P. Crumperdipolopolus:  The misadventures of a well-intentioned, yet troublesome, little girl. (Humorous/Christian)



-Church Summer Camp & Other Causes of My Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:  A man reflects on the humorous, yet embarrassing, events of teen camp week when he was 13.  (Humorous/Christian)



-Why I Gave Up Teaching, Changed My Name & Moved to Canada:  A lady teacher’s first day of 4th grade introduces her to a class full of eccentric students. (Humorous)



-Choices:  The story of two brothers (one is mentally challenged) as they grow up and one of them is faced with choosing between the life of his wife or child. (Humorous/Dramatic)




-The Sounds of Silence:  Born deaf, Daniel and his hearing brother go through the joys and trials of life together until one is taken too soon.  (Humorous/Dramatic)



-The Bible Bistro:  Martha is cumbered about with much serving of famous Bible characters as they go to her restaurant to get something to eat.  (Humorous/Christian)





America’s Christian Foundations


The Biblical Basis of the Declaration of Independence & Constitution


The Black-Robed Regiment - The Role of Pastors in the American Revolution


Biblical Principles of Economics


Biblical Principles about Weapons (2nd Amendment)


Biblical Principles about Socialism

-Moses: The True Exodus Story:  In the form of a documentary exposé, a reporter interviews the characters in the Exodus story to get behind the scenes information.  (Humorous/Christian)





-WKJV-TV Action News:  Married couple, Aquila and Priscilla, host the evening news where Bible stories are making the headlines. (Humorous/Christian)




-That Girl:  Heather Brock’s birthday party is a traumatic experience for her and everyone else who has the misfortune to attend. (Humorous)