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    Part of this ministry is providing tours of the Kentucky Capitol Building.  Tours start at 10 a.m. and generally last about 1 ½ - 2 hours then we break for lunch.  After lunch you can watch the General Assembly (if they are in session). There is a cafeteria right in the building where your group can have lunch.  The best place to park is directly in front of the Capitol Building on Capitol Ave.  I will meet your group inside of the main doors.


  During the tour, your group will learn about Kentucky’s Christian heritage, the history of the Capitol Building and see the State Legislature in action (during the regular session.)  Included in the tour is getting to meet with your legislators (if schedules permit) and have a picture taken with them.  Pictures are sent to you free of charge.


   To request a tour, simply fill out the tour request form.


   There is no charge for tours, but if your group would like to help support this ministry with a donation, it is of course appreciated.

God and Country Ministry reserves the right to provide or not provide tours to any group as it deems appropriate.  


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